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Well I watch anime since I was 5 but I only watched pokemon. When I was on 3rd grade one of my friends was talking of anime to another boy. Suddenly he says "Naruto is the best anime!!" I go to were he is and ask him : ''What is Naruto and what is anime'' He starts laughing and dosen't answer my question. Then on that night on cartoonnetwork they were giving a Naruto Marathon. I was bored so I watched it. The first thing I saw was some snow and to guys one looked like a girl. So I took a wild guess and thougth the yellow-haired boy was naruto ...and my guess was correct. Then I saw a figth with scenes and graphics sooo awesome I continued watching. On 4th grade I heard him talking of other animes ...now those anime are my favorites ones.

Another reason is that I am not as the other girls in my school. They don't like violent things nor watching ppl killing and fithing. They like happy things like That's so Raven and things like that...........

I also love watching the cute and beutiful boys that appear on the animes.Like Sasuke Uchiha...I also took tennis classes but I quit. When I saw the Prince of tennis I wanted to play again. I am waiting for summer to come(1 month left)
to take karate class.

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